Stimulating innovation: Comparative and competitive advantages and the role of competencies
Date Published: 22/08/2016

TIAC has drafted a Comparative and Competitive Advantages Paper by way of defining the true meaning of what generic competencies are and how they relate to the Western Australia economy. The Council will consider how this topic aligns with or impacts the outcomes of the Innovation Summit.

TIAC is providing the State Government with advice about optimising innovation aimed at strategically strengthening and diversifying the economy, and enhancing the cost effectiveness of Government services. The Council’s work is framed at the sectoral level, rather than that at individual enterprise and this discussion of the role of advantages, and competencies follows that principle. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the crucial, but under-recognised, role of generic competencies and to emphasise their potential to enhance innovation and the State’s competitive advantages.

TIAC in releasing the paper is keen to hear from interested parties in relation to the findings and recommendations.

If you have any feedback you wish to provide to the Council in relation to the paper please contact

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