Stimulating Innovation Report
Date Published: 18/07/2016

On the 15 July 2016 the Stimulating Innovation: Laying the Foundation report was made available on the TIAC website.

The Stimulating Innovation: Laying the Foundation report reflects TIAC’s desire to see a culture of innovation in WA to support economic diversity and growth. The report was informed by research undertaken Dr Kirsten Martinus at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Western Australia.

Its aim is to assist the West Australian State Government (WA Government) in addressing the key questions: “What do we need to do, and where should we focus our resources and attention to stimulate innovation in business, government and community sectors?” Knowledge will be essential in developing strategies, knowledge of the competencies that exist and are growing in Western Australia, the sectors the competencies support, cross sectoral linkages and where there is existing concentrations of industry providing a foundation for a cluster.

The recommendations guide and inform development of innovation policy responses aimed at strengthening and diversifying the State’s economy. TIAC believes that clusters of increasing innovative capability are one of the most effective environments for innovation to be sparked, driven and converted to improved productivity, new commercial assets and increased economic value.

TIAC in releasing the report is keen to hear from interested parties in relation to the findings and recommendations.

If you have any feedback you wish to provide to the Council in relation to the report please contact

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