TIAC’s forty second meeting discussions and directions – 14 December 2017

  • The forty-second Council meeting on 14 December 2017 was held at the offices of the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI).
  • Mr Jonathan Smith and Gordon Milner, AMC Management, provided members with an overview of the Defence Industry Infrastructure at the AMC-CUF.
  • TIAC and the AMC Management team discussed the various aspects of the AMC CUF Defence infrastructure proposal including the opportunities offered under the Naval Shipbuilding Plan. The naval continuous build program at the AMC CUF will be focussed on the construction and sustainment of the Pacific Patrol Boats and Offshore Patrol Vessels.
  • The TIAC members acknowledged that the WA Government is currently investigating and trialling new energy technology opportunities including the development of regional and remote site development systems. This is reflected in the TIAC Advisory Report on Energy Driving Economic Growth. The members agreed that the agenda item ‘New Energy Technologies and Economy – Supplementary Work – Reducing network investment levels’ should remain as a watching brief at Council meetings to monitor future developments.
  • Professor Beazley advised the Council that the Commonwealth government had recently announced an increase in the number of grants available through the National Health and Medical Research Council. However, funding awarded to WA participants was less than the national average,which is a similar case with the Industry Growth Centres and other research programs. Mr Dickson reflected on the similar findings outlined in TIAC’s ‘Accessing Commonwealth Grant Funding Paper’. This Paper has been utilised by the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Hon Alannah MacTiernan, which provides information on the types of policy responses and investment offered by other states to secure Commonwealth funds.

Key Actions

  • Secretariat to follow up with Jonathan Smith and Gordon Milner for a detailed report on leveraged jobs and local content from the AMC.
  • Secretariat to contact the Australian Bureau of Statistics with regard to Census jobs data by trade from 2006, 2011 and 2016 for Henderson postcode and/or AMC.
  • Secretariat to circulate information to members on the Defence Capability streams along with a link to the ‘Security and Defence in Western Australia: An Economic Perspective Report’.
  • The ‘New Energy Technologies and Economy – Supplementary Work – Reducing network investment levels’ is to remain as a watching brief agenda item.

TIAC’s forty-first meeting discussions and directions -11 October 2017

  • The forty first Council meeting on 11 October 2017 was held at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson.
  • Mr Gordon Milner, Business Development Manager, AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd, provided members with an overview of the facilities, capabilities and use of the Australian Marine Complex-Common User Facility (AMC-CUF) by various industries including oil and gas, resources, marine and defence.
  • Mr Milner explained to members that the AMC Management team are the facility managers of the AMC-CUF. They are responsible for marketing, operating and maintaining the CUF. The AMC Management is contracted to LandCorp and works closely with the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation for business development and investment attraction.
  • Following the presentation, members were provided with a tour of the AMC-CUF observing first-hand the diversity of work that included defence sustainment, the load out of coal loading equipment bound for Newcastle and decommissioning of a naval vessel.
  • The ‘New Energy Technologies and Economy Paper’ was circulated to the Premier, selected Ministers and stakeholders.

Key Actions

  • TIAC to prepare papers to inform government of its strategic role.
  • Secretariat to prepare a revised Operating Protocol reflecting the new structure of Government.
  • TIAC to investigate a big data industrial cluster mapping project in conjunction with the AMC Business Development Committee.
  • TIAC to consider supplementary work to the ‘Accessing Commonwealth Grant Funding Paper’ on the attraction of Commonwealth defence spending and to have a follow-up meeting with AMC management in infrastructure needs for the precinct.

TIAC’s fortieth meeting discussions and directions – 1 August 2017

  • The fortieth Council meeting, on 1 August 2017 was held at Magellan Power in Bibra Lake.
  • Mr Masoud Abshar, CEO, Magellan Power provided members with an overview of the facility’s activities and projected goals and outcomes. Mr Abshar explained to members the various products that Magellan had developed in Western Australia and manufactured at the facility including AC and DC back up power systems and grid supporting Energy Storage equipment. He highlighted recent products such as the Solar Smoother and the low cost Sky Eye which will give his company a competitive advantage in the energy sector.
  • Following the presentation, members were provided with a tour of the Bibra Lake factory where many of the innovative products from Magellan Power are manufactured and are on display.
  • Professor Collin provided a summary of the discussions held in the follow up meeting with Ms Fiona Roche, Executive Director, Science and Innovation and Professor Peter Klinken, Chief Scientist on Wednesday, 26 July.
  • Professor Beazley advised the reintroduction of the Young Innovator of the Year Award category for the WA Innovator of the Year awards. All the finalists will be announced on Friday, 4 August. The winners will be announced in November.

Key Actions

  • Secretariat to finalise the New Energy Technology and Economy report out of session.
  • TIAC to consider the notes at the back for the NETE report for breakout discussion topics.
  • Once the second phase of the Machinery Of Government restructure is finalised (September/October 2017) Council recommends that the Minister responsible for the ITD Act should meet with TIAC.
  • Secretariat to enhance the presence of the Access to Commonwealth funding report on the website.
  • Secretariat to amend the Operating Protocol dependant on future discussions with Steve Wood, Director General and Geoff Wedgewood, Deputy Director General.

TIAC’s thirty ninth meeting discussions and directions – 29 May 2017

  • The thirty ninth Council meeting, on 29 May 2017 was held at the Department of Commerce offices at Gordon Stephenson House, 140 William St, Perth.
  • Members were informed that a letter relating to the ‘Accessing Commonwealth Funding’ report had been circulated to the Hon. Bill Johnston MLA. A copy of the report was also provided to the Hon. Mark McGowan MLA, Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLC and Mr Stephen Wood, Director General of the Department of State Development.
  • The TIAC Secretariat met with the Department of Premier and Cabinet to discuss the general direction of the ‘New Energy Technologies and Economy’ report and the key theme of “the need to transition”.Mr Farrant advised that he was made aware of 3 highly complex and technical energy papers written by different State Government agencies that are pending public release. Once circulated, the Chair suggested that TIAC could simplify the messages contained in the papers to reinforce the TIACadvisory paper.
  • Professor Beazley informed the Council that a conference was held on 18 and 19 May in Manjimup and presented by the South West Science Council and the Agricultural Institute of Australia. The Chair was interested in information on similar future events.Professor Beazley added that she was pleased to see the State Government’s proposed investment to implement a long-term international education strategy to increase WA’s market share of international students.

Key Actions

  • Secretariat to continue developing the TIAC Strategic Focus Themes for Work Plan.
  • Secretariat to continue to progress the energy discussion paper.
  • Secretariat to provide a revised one page brief of the EGTI Cluster Mapping
  • Secretariat to progress with the TIAC website upgrade

TIAC’s thirty eighth meeting discussions and directions – 10 May 2017

  • The thirty eighth Council meeting, on 10 May 2017 was held at the Department of Commerce offices at Gordon Stephenson House, 140 William St, Perth.
  • The Chair commended the paper WA Government Industry and Technology Announcements which was prepared by the TIAC Secretariat and suggested to continue it as a living document to capture further undertakings from the Government. It was noted that the source of the information should be captured so the full details can be perused as required. It is important for TIAC to contribute to important topics for the Government. Professor Beazley and Professor Collin reiterated the continual need for science and industry fellowships to link research and businesses. Professor Beazley added that international students are a priority issue to enable the sector to grow well
  • The Council agreed that a TIAC Brief to the Incoming Minister should be finalised, designed to reflect on the Government’s election commitments and to demonstrate how the delivery of TIAC’s actions coincides with these commitments. The Brief will also:
    1. Assist the Government with the Service Priority Review.
    2. Advocate TIAC’s belief that the Heads of Government should be in charge of Economic Development and Innovation. The Chair drew parallels to the former Premier of Queensland, Mr Peter Beattie’s proposal.
    3. Suggest that TIAC could be revamped as an Economic Growth and Innovation Body and could be included for consideration in the Service Priority Review.
    4. TIAC were advised that the Secretariat had secured the services of Inotek Corporation to assist with refining the New Energy and the Economy advisory paper.

Key Actions

  • Secretariat to draft a one page brief of the ‘Post-election Brief and Positioning TIAC’ for wider use.
  • Secretariat to re-shuffle the five key topics of the ‘Post-election Brief and Positioning TIAC’ to Accessing Greater Amounts of Commonwealth Funding; New Energy Technology as an Economic Driver; International Education Critical in Forming Strategic Economic Linkages; Technology Driven Agriculture and Aquaculture and Health and Aged Care Growth Opportunities.
  • Secretariat to draft a transmittal letter to circulate TIAC’s version of the ‘Accessing Commonwealth Funding’.
  • Secretariat to provide a copy of the ‘Accessing Commonwealth Funding’ paper to the Department of State Development and the Office of Science once circulated.

TIAC’s thirty seventh meeting discussions and directions – February 2017

  • The thirty seventh Council meeting, in February 2017 was held at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI). Dr Carolyn Williams, CEO, CERI provided members with an overview of the Centre and the projected goals and vision from founder Mr Charlie Bass. Dr Williams explained to members the components of CERI’s Venture Mentoring System whilst stressing the importance of teamwork and having the right mindset to enable the translation of research into global business opportunities. Dr Williams provided members with a background on the Centre highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of student intake and CERI’s proof of concept activities.
  • It was acknowledged by the Council that Western Australia does not perform well in accessing Commonwealth competitive funding programs. Members were informed that a consultant (Belka Consulting) has been requested by the Secretariat to provide a 5-10 page discussion paper to TIAC on the issue of accessing research grants. The Chair informed members that securing funds from the Commonwealth will be an important topic. There is currently, limited ability to access general funding sources, so Commonwealth competitive grants is one of the few areas where additional money may be secured.
  • Mr Andy Farrant informed members of the current status of the EGTI Cluster Mapping project. He highlighted that the Committee of Perth was currently implementing an 18 month long project titled Bigger and Better: Beyond the Boom focused on the current and future economy of the Perth and Peel regions. The Secretariat has been in initial discussions with the Department of Planning to identify ways that TIAC may be involved. This is subsequent to the meetings the Secretariat had with Data61 and the Office of the Chief Economist in regards to the use of big data.

Key Actions

  • Secretariat to draft a revised post-election briefing focusing on recommendations for the future WA economy with significant input from members.
  • Other issues including membership and TIAC’s work plan - to be progressed as separate papers
  • The Secretariat to continue working with Belka consulting to develop a draft TIAC paper to advise on accessing Commonwealth competitive grants consulting will all TIAC members.
  • Secretariat to continue to progress the energy scoping paper.
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