TIAC Meetings 2012

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Highlights of TIAC's eighth meeting- March 2012

TIAC's eighth meeting was held in March 2012. The meeting commenced with a presentation from Scitech about ScienceNetworkWA and the Kimberley Science Portal.

The Chair acknowledged receipt of a letter from the Minister asking the Council to provide advice as part of the review of the current Industry Technology and Development (ITD) Act 1998.

An update on the Science Education Committee was provided. The Committee's terms of reference and specifications for the second research proposal are currently being finalised. In addition the TIAC committee guidelines were approved.

The members approved the progression of two research proposals with a focus in regional areas. In addition, the Council also agreed to send a letter of thanks to the participants involved in the stakeholder consultation forums, noting that the outcomes of the stakeholder consultations will continue to inform the work of the Council. 

Highlights of TIAC's ninth meeting- May 2012

The ninth Council meeting in May 2012 was held at the Technology Park Function Centre in Bentley. Members noted the Cabinet re-appointment of Dr Jim Ross AM and Professor Barry Marshall AC as members of the Council for a further term of two years.

Members were updated about the Opportunities for SME’s in the Resource Sector research project.

Members noted that the stakeholder consultation reports produced for each sector were now complete. These will be used to inform the Council’s future work. A letter of thanks has been sent to each of the participants involved in the stakeholder consultations.

Highlights of TIAC's tenth meeting- June 2012

At its June 2012 meeting, TIAC welcomed their newest member Mr Andy Farrant to the Council. The Chair highlighted Andy's experience and noted that Andy would contribute another industry perspective to the Council.

Members were updated about the Opportunities for SME's in the Resource Sector and the Innovations in the Regions research projects and approved the progression of an additional research project with a focus on creating an environment that supports innovation.

Members acknowledged a letter from the Minister regarding the TIAC report Productive Partnerships: Advancing STEM Education in Western Australian Schools and considered the recommendations from the Intellectual Property Policy Review completed by the Department of Commerce.

Highlights of TIAC's eleventh meeting- August 2012

Members were advised that TIAC report: Productive Partnerships: Advancing STEM Education in Western Australian Schoolswas posted on the TIAC website on the 17 July 2012. Copies of the report were also sent to the Director General of Education, the Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia.

 Members received progress reports from the Opportunities for SME’s in the Resource Sector and the Creating an Environment that Supports Innovation research projects. Members also approved the progression of a research project with a focus on the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Members were advised that information about ongoing and completed projects will be made available on the TIAC website.

 Members also approved the Annual Activity Report for the 2011-2012 financial year and noted that it would be submitted to the Minster for Science and Innovation in accordance with Section 26 of the Industry and Technology Development Act 1998.

Highlights of TIAC's twelfth meeting- October 2012

TIAC's twelfth meeting was held in October 2012. Members were advised that the Council's advice in response to the Minister's request to provide advice about the review of the current Industry and Technology Development (ITD) Act 1998, had been received. Members also noted that the TIAC Annual Activity Report was tabled in Parliament on the 20 September 2012 and posted on the TIAC website on the 25 September 2012.

Members received progress updates for all ongoing TIAC projects and also agreed to progress the Optimisation of STEM support in Western Australian Schools research project, under the guidance of the Science Education Committee.

Members also approved the proposed meeting schedule for 2013.

Highlights of TIAC's thirteenth meeting- December 2012

At its December 2012 meeting, TIAC hosted the Hon John Day MLA, Minister for Science and Innovation. The Minister expressed his appreciation to the members for their contributions to the Council and reiterated that TIAC was integral to the State Government’s delivery of science and innovation activities in the State.

The Minister also thanked the Council for its submission The Way Ahead- A work plan for TIAC and endorsed the direction that was being taken by TIAC. Members agreed to publicly release the work plan on the Council’s website and circulate it to key stakeholders to raise awareness of the Council’s intended activities.

Members also considered an event proposal aimed at facilitating engagement between members of TIAC and key representatives of the Western Australian innovation community. Members agreed to participate in the proposed breakfast forum being organised by the Innovation Centre of Western Australia.

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