TIAC Meetings 2010-2011

First meeting, Second meeting, Third meeting, Fourth meeting, Fifth meeting, Sixth meeting, Seventh meeting

Highlights of TIAC's first meeting- December 2010

Held in December 2010, the first meeting of TIAC commenced with a welcome from the Chair. The first item on the agenda was the work undertaken by the interim Council for Science and Innovation. The Chair explained and summarised the work and the resulting recommendations submitted to the Minister for Science and Innovation. Members were also briefed about the work undertaken by the Department of Commerce in progressing these recommendations.

During the meeting TIAC also approved a number of governance arrangements for the Council. These included the Council Charter, consisting of the Council’s Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct and also an Operating Protocol which outlines the operating arrangements between TIAC and the Department of Commerce.

At the conclusion of the meeting, consulting company RMDSTEM presented the scope of work they are undertaking to develop an evaluation framework to assess future science and innovation funding investments. It was agreed that interested members would form a working group and undertake a workshop led by RMDSTEM. Input received from TIAC members at the workshop will be incorporated into a draft framework for TIAC to consider at the next meeting.

Highlights of TIAC's second meeting- February 2011

The second TIAC meeting was held in early February 2011. The meeting included a facilitated discussion to identify TIAC’s objectives and how they can align with From Strength to Strength with the intention of preparing a strategic document for the Minister. RMDSTEM were invited to make a second presentation to the members highlighting their latest developments on the evaluation framework before they consulted external stakeholders.

The members discussed and approved the establishment of a TIAC website. They also decided to host stakeholder forums in the four key sectors of Mining, Oil and Gas, Environment and Health (including preventative medicine) to provide feedback as part of their strategic support of these sectors.

TIAC reviewed the Department of Commerce’s new funding scheme guidelines for Building Research and Capability Scheme and Research Fellowship Scheme and provided feedback. The members also approved a consultant to conduct an assessment report on the performance of Western Australian science and innovation programs as well as the establishment of an Science Education Committee to review science education.

TIAC were briefed on the latest developments for CHOGM, the WA Minerals Research Initiative and work being undertaken to support innovation in the public sector. 

Highlights of TIAC's third meeting- April 2011

TIAC's third meeting was held in April 2011. The meeting commenced with an address from the Minister for Science and Innovation’s Chief of Staff. He conveyed the Minister’s intention to work closely with TIAC. The members were also advised that the Minister planned to appoint a new TIAC Chair by the next meeting. 

The members were pleased to note the launch of the new TIAC website. Members also noted that the stakeholder consultations for the gas, minerals and environment sectors had been successfully undertaken and that the final reports from these stakeholder consultations would be circulated before the next meeting. The members approved the progress of a number of initiatives including a research proposal submitted by the TIAC Science Education Committee.

The members also noted that the Program Assessment Report on the performance of previous programs administered through the Department of Commerce (Centre of Excellence, WA Research Fellowships and Major Research Facilities) was underway with the final report due by the end of June. The Department of Commerce requested that TIAC provide two representatives to sit on the evaluation panel for the Department’s Innovation Co-investment Program which provides financial assistance for State Government co-investment in national/international innovation initiatives.

Highlights of TIAC's fourth meeting- June 2011

The Hon John Day, Minister for Science and Innovation hosted the June 2011 meeting of TIAC, introducing the new Chair Alan Bansemer former Western Australian Commissioner for Health (1995-2001). The Chair indicated a priority for Council is provision of strategic advice to government around the core value-creating sectors where Western Australia has a comparative advantage. Stakeholder consultation reports for gas, minerals and environment sectors, commissioned by Council were endorsed, with a recommendation for sector plans to be developed from these. In addition, the medical and health sector stakeholder consultation was approved to progress under guidance of the Chair.

Members were briefed on the current review of the Industry and Technology Development (ITD) Act 1998 under which TIAC operates. The review will confirm the constitution and proceedings of Council and is expected to be completed in September 2011. 

Highlights of TIAC's fifth meeting- September 2011

At its September 2011 meeting, TIAC was appraised of the WA Innovation Development Schemes that have been launched by the Department of Commerce.  TIAC members are to Chair evaluation panels for the assessment of applications.

Presentations were made to TIAC by Peter Rogers, Chair of the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI), David Blair on the Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) and Peter Zadeian of the Department of Planning on the State Planning Strategy.

A paper was tabled on the progress of a Chamber of Minerals and Energy led initiative for the establishment of a WA Minerals Institute and further involvement of TIAC in support for the project was to be considered.

TIAC's Annual Activity Report was endorsed for submission to the Minister and tabling in Parliament.  TIAC also endorsed a research proposal procedures guide to be followed for all future commissioned research projects.

Highlights of TIAC's sixth meeting - October 2011

TIAC's sixth meeting was held in October 2011.  TIAC discussed the State Government’s new investment selection and evaluation process which has been developed and implemented through the Department of Commerce. The new process is being applied to funding proposals under the new Research and Innovation Fund announced in the May budget. TIAC members will continue to have an involvement in chairing evaluation panels and monitoring the effectiveness of the new process.

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA presented to TIAC on a Western Australian Minerals Research Fund (WAMRF) proposal which seeks investment by government of $10 million per annum over 10 years in order to fund research and development targeted at addressing identified knowledge and technology needs of the Western Australian minerals (non-petroleum) industry.

TIAC resolved to publicly release a finalised report, commissioned by the previous TIAC entitled “Managing Western Australia’s Economic Expansion – The Need for People and Skills” (March 2010). The report analyses trends driving labour market outcomes in WA and draws out implications for future development.

Highlights of TIAC's seventh meeting- December 2011

The seventh Council meeting was held in December 2011. The meeting included an update of the work of the Science Education Committee, including the presentation of the Committee's final report. Members agreed to progress the second research proposal which will build on the findings of the initial report. In addition members agreed to formalise the Science Education Committee to continue work in this area.

Council members were informed that two stakeholder consultations in the health and medical sector were successfully held in November. A draft report is currently being circulated to workshop participants for their comments.

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