In 2009 an independent review of Western Australia’s science, technology and innovation advisory bodies was undertaken by the Centre for International Economics (CIE). This review recommended establishing a single advisory body to provide strategic advice to the Government on the State’s science, technology and innovation. An interim Council for Science and Innovation was formed in December 2009 to assist in defining the roles and structure of this advisory body.

The interim Council’s term has since come to a close but its submission “From Strength to Strength - An Innovation Plan for Driving Western Australia’s Future Prosperity” provided recommendations including a strategic vision for innovation in Western Australia and a suggested mechanism for the appointment of a single advisory body.

This recommendation led to the appointment of a new Western Australian Technology and Industry Advisory Council.

Industry and Technology Development Act 1998

The Technology and Industry Advisory Council is established under the Industry and Technology Development Act 1998 (ITD Act).

The objects of the ITD Act under Section 3 are:

  • to promote and foster the growth and development of industry, trade, science, technology and research in the State;
  • to improve the efficiency of State industry and its ability to compete internationally;
  • to encourage the establishment of new industry in the State;
  • to encourage the broadening of the industrial base of the State; and
  • to promote an environment which supports the development of industry, science and technology and the emergence of internationally competitive industries in the State.

According to Section 21 of the ITD Act:

1.       The Council is to —

a.       provide advice to the Minister, at the initiative of the Council or at the request of the Minister, on any matter relating to the objects of this Act; and

b.       carry out, collaborate in or procure research, studies or investigations on any matter relating to the objects of this Act, including matters relating to:

i.     the role of industry, science and technology in the policies of government;

ii.     the social and economic impact of industrial and technological change;

iii.     employment and training needs and opportunities relating to industrial, scientific and technological activities in the State;

iv.     the adequacy of, priorities among and co ordination of, scientific, industrial and technological activities in the State;

 v.     methods of stimulating desirable industrial and technological advances in the State;

 vi.     the application of industrial, scientific and technological advances to the services of the Government; and

vii.     the promotion of public awareness and understanding of development in industry, science and technology.

2.       The Council may publish and make available any report or finding produced as a result of any research, study or investigation under subsection (1).

3.       The Council is to liaise with and advise any person, body or organization with respect to the conduct of any research, study or investigation into a matter relating to industry, science and technology in the State.

4.       In carrying out its functions the Council is to —

a.       have regard to the needs of the Western Australian community and the resources of the State;

b.       promote developments in industry, science and technology that increase productivity and competitiveness; and

c.       support developments that create employment opportunities.

5.       The Council has the power to do all things necessary or convenient to be done for or in connection with the performance of its functions. 


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